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lesbian_music's Journal

Lesbian Music
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
A community for sharing LBGT-related music, with a focus on the L

1. Request music.
2. Share music when and where you want/can.
3. No bitching about pirating. Wtf are in this community for if you're not comfortable with that?
4. Be respectful.
5. Mods are all powerful. Their word goes. Sorry trolls.
6. Intro posts are only alowed when accompanied by something else, like a request.
7. Questionable content under lj-cut cut, please. [lj-cut text="text here"] [/lj-cut] like that but with <> instead of []. We don't care if you request it, but there are sensitive eyes out there.
8. Tags please :)

Pretty simple, eh?

Also, if you have icon suggestions, go ahead and post, request/share or no.

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